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Lovely! I really love what you did with the trim tape. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


How do you like the fit of the sleeves? I love the colour you chose.


Wow! Great job. I love the colorway and your zipper tape is a really nice little extra.


It looks great!


Nice! I love the trim tape that you used.

Eleanor (undeadgoat)

I was going to tackle Vivian again this winter (I had terrible gauge problems last time around, but have since modified my method of purling, and would like to think this would help, but was so scarred by the experience that I haven't attempted a sweater since) but I'm at my parents' for 4 weeks and that bag of yarn didn't end up fitting in my limited space--I think I overpacked even without it.


Fantastic job! Great trim!


Beautiful! That tape is perfect.

toni in florida

love it!


Very pretty. The color is lovely and the sweater looks great on you. The zipper tape is a great addition.


it's beautiful!!! congratulations on a lovely finish!


A zippered sweater is on my list of things to try in 2011, and I really love the way yours looks with the ribbon on the inside. Nice touch!


You *do* have a beautifully long neck! :) The sweater looks lovely on you, and the execution is superb, of course.


Fabulous! The tape sends it over the edge into truly wonderful. where do you find the beautiful tape? Looks great on you.

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