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I think Turn a Square has the right blend of interesting & not too interesting - but Koolhaas is such a great hat. Great idea, I think.


I also vote for Turn a Square; it offers just enough visual interest without being distracting. He'll probably be delighted to know people appreciate his work.


I love Jorge. I have always felt for him, a political reporter standing out in the cold and snow every time we have a storm. It would be kinda fun to bomb him, wouldn't it?


I think Jorge (we go by first names around here, BTW) would look fetching in a classic Norwegian stranded knit. But I don't know if you like him *that* much.

Debbie B

I think the Turn a Square is perfect. Show the love but no distraction, what a great idea, Jorge has "always" been on the news now that I think about it.


Turn a Square is perfect. Koolhaas is a great hat but perhaps would not show up to its best advantage on camera.


I vote Marnie MacLean's Pismo or Carlsbad. Understated, always in style, easy to scrunch up and put in a pocket.

If you want to do something really special, there is the Urban Cable hat...but I think Jorge needs a beard to rock that one:


Turn a Square is a classic, but I am also partial to Habitat.


I think yarn bombimg a reporter is a great idea, and I agree ith you about the concept of representing. A friend of mine had a great lawyer that really made a difference in her life, so I knit him socks. I had never met him, but he impacted my friend in such a positive way. He was so touched by the gesture - I hear he still talks about it.


Turn a Square or Koolhaas. Love the idea. Bet he will too.


This is a GREAT idea.


Stephen West's patterns are pretty sleek. As is one called Collision.


Even though I don't live in Boston, I'm tempted to knit bomb this reporter. We could all use a Jorge.


I vote for M'gonigle.


I love this idea!! I often think about knitting hats for my favorite local reporters and that's a BRILLIANT idea! He's gonna LOVE it and who knows, send him enough hats and it becomes newsworthy! I vote for Koolhass!


Haha! That is an awesome idea. I don't think you should do turn a square. The stripes are kind of a sporty jock look and all his other beanies are not like that really. Koolhaus is a beautiful hat but again, not sure if it suits his style. Same thing with Straun. I think Danielle had it right that he needs some kind of a stranded knit, or colourwork, as most of the examples posted seem to have that theme. If you do this I can't wait to hear how it turns out!


Based on the footage you provided of Jorge, I have to say... DEFINITELY turn a square. I think he will love it! I also love the idea of bombing him. How can he not be touched by such a gesture. As Margaux said, it may even become news worthy too.

Another Joan

And everyone here is also knitting for Warm Hats Not Hot Heads, right??


i think it's a great idea! i like the ones you've mentioned. my only comment is that turn a square turned out pretty big when i made it, even though I swatched, so beware, if you haven't made one before.


I vote for this lovely design, which seems to fit his hat preferences:


Oh, do it! A checker at my local market has enthused over my Coronet hat for the last two years so I knit her one for last Christmas. She was stunned and so pleased. She's shown some interest in learning how to knit so I took her up to one of my groups, introduced her, gave her links to check out including Ravelry. I think he'll be stunned and pleased. Might even do a story on being knit bombed.


Love the idea and I know that Jorge will love the hat and appreciate your kindness.


I just knit a Turn the Square for the Warm Hats Not Hot Heads project. It is a great hat, easy and fast knit, but with great style.

I am definitely going to go check the other hat suggestions for more WHNHH hats - thanks for the leads!


I think that it would be great to knit for a reporter. Might get us knitters a little more represention in the Media. Hmmm?

Joanne Snyder

Turn a square and line it with fleece. I knitted 10+ last winter for all of my nephews,sons and my daughter. I sav all of my little left over balls of noro and I'm planning on knitting a few more.

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