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Neat hat, Julia! I like how you did the decreases at the top.

mary jane

i do try on my sweaters as hats, as a matter of fact. happy to know i am not alone. love the resulting hat too.

Katie K

I agree with Martha-- those decreases are really lovely. You should publish it.

Similarly to your situation, my daughter made off with my yak merino scarf over her Christmas vacation and so I'm making another one for myself, albeit with a different colorway, as the original one is no longer available.


I like your new hat! I've been enjoying projects that combine garter and stockinette - the texture makes everything look so good!


Oooh, I like it (both, actually)!!


Hey, write up your pattern, please! Even just your construction notes!


Great hat!


I like the white and lt brown hat as well. With the welts it would accomodate other people, other sizes and the colors are lovely. The optional style of wearing the hat makes it one you will use often. Think you have a winner there.


I LOVE it!!

Anxiety Knits

So... do you not think Jorge would like this hat? I think it would look good and hip on his round little head.


That hat makes you look very chic, and stylish. And it goes great with your green coat.

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