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How fun to meet so many knitters on your flight! I'll look forward to seeing Jorge wearing it during the next storm. Is is OK if I wish it was next winter?


I think it's hilarious that you knit a hat for the TV weather guy. Maybe we should do this all over the country. But how the heck does a knitter forget to bring knitting on vacation?? I might forget to pack underwear (been there, done that) but not the knitting.


That is awesome! I just finished one for myself and as I was knitting thought "This would be a perfect Jorge hat!" Love the colors you chose and I'll keep my eyes peeled on the Telee for it. I can just imagine FB posts popping like popcorn at the first sighting-lol.


ha, that's fantastic!

Debbie B

That sounds like a fun plane trip! I hope Jorge wears it as he SHOULD. I love the colors you picked out and cannot think of one acceptable reason why he shouldn't wear it. (except the obvious, it does not fit)


LOVE this.


I love the hat's fan club on your flight - that is fantastic.


I love this idea so much and totally would have asked to use the PA on the flight to let everyone know as such!! I hope Jorge rocks that hat ASAP!

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