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I signed up for the intro weaving class on Friday at SOAR -- I fear that I'm going to be on to something new . . .

Caroline M

I made three of those from handspun merino singles and I had them grabbed out of my hands by various family members. The only thing is that it's such a lot of weaving for the length you end up with. I know a lot of it is weaving paper but even so I felt as if I was losing a lot of work in the wash.

Lynn in Tucson

LOL. Firewood. Don't I know it.


I need more free time.


oooh - wouldn't that be pretty with "nuno" felting or whatever it's called - felted onto a swath of filmy silk fabric.

I need lessons on how to dress a loom. As I have a firewood version now. It's small, so doesn't take up much room, but still....


gonna be fun!!!

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