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Lynn in Tucson

How very gracious of you, considering all the hub-bub.


Wow, that's.... just wow. People never cease to amaze me, both the good and the bad. If you need a hand with the editing or would like a test knitter (for free, without complaints, even!!), drop me a line. I've not designed *that* many patterns, but I could help you tweak things a bit if necessary. (Note: I didn't get your original pattern, btw, so if you take me up on my offer, could you email it to me?)


I think you should charge for it this time around!!


You are a gem!


i usually don't comment (i'm a lurker), but i just had to say i am sorry that you have had so much grief over this. i agree with all the above posters- you are gracious, patient and a gem. And, maybe you should consider charging for it after doing so much work on it.
there are always a few rotten apples.


julia, I'm so sorry to hear people have been so unkind. I like to think we have this happy smiley community of knitters, but every now & then something like this happens that makes me realize we do not.


Here is another lurker to say WTH --- it was free folks! get over yourself! This nice knitter shared and you complained. I never understand how people can be so mean when someone has been kind to them. Even though I may never, ever knit that cute hat, I appreciate each and every one of you that have the creative gene and share it with us.


How annoying that you would have gotten any grief for a free pattern. I started reading your blog several years ago, and I wished so badly that I had an excuse to knit your cute little hats, but my teenage children probably wouldn't have appreciated me knitting them a pirate hat. You're great, and I agree with a few other commenters that you should just charge this time!


Another Lurker chiming in. You are a very good person, and you should charge this time, if just to compensate for the previous aggravation. (And if (when) people complain, post a couple of these comments!


Unfortunately I'm not surprised- there's plenty of that going around on Rav. A short while ago Twist was ripped a new one over a few tech edit issues by some miserable people. I'm sorry people have been nasty to you too.

Debbie B

I read this in complete amazement, and apparently, after reading the comments I realize I am not alone. Re-write the pattern and charge 30.00 for the new pattern! That will get the tongues wagging even more, but some apparently deserve it. I tend to think of knitters as a warm bunch of helpful people and then get cautioned by stories like this. I truly hope you have a nice weekend!

Mary K. in Rockport

Maybe you could just redirect the complainers to your dinosaur sweater pattern instead -- that should keep them busy for a while.

Mary E.Dadds

what ever happen to (Dont look a GIFT horse in the mouth)
No one ever heard that one?

Hat knitting

Very sorry to hear that people were very unkind to you.. Take it easy and star up your next project.. I like your projects and method of knitting.. Good writing.. Thank you!!!

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