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Jeanne B.

I love seeing all of these wonderful treasures from the past. But what struck me most was your comment about staying home from school to stitch all day. It made me think, "what a great question to help spur someone to figure out what they really love to do/their purpose". The question being, "If/when you played sick so you could stay home from school, what was your favorite activity?"

I'm going to go ask myself that right now and give it some meditation. (I loooooove the embroidered jean jacket. SIGH)

Nancy Queen

I love the crochet flags! PS. My daughter has been home sick (with Mono) and she's had a lot of knitting and sewing time (and really enjoyed it) :)


Oh funny - must be in the air ;). I'm usually knitting, but I seem to get the urge to do embroidery in the spring for some reason. This afternoon I had tea on the back porch while stitching away on some pillowcases & listening to Pandora playing my "Brown Eyed Girl" station (great light classic rock from 60's & 70's) -- had a great time & I'm full of new ideas for more embroidery & maybe even a quilt!


I love all these things too!! and I would love to pick up crewel embroidery again...if I could ever put down my knitting!!


I love these things! Brings me back to a time when I did a lot of embroidery and sewing. Fortunately, I have DD who loves this stuff!

Mary K. in Rockport

Ooh, ooh, ooh -- now I want granny triangles, too! But they're crocheted. to turn them into granny knitted triangles using all those ends of sock yarn.


Kate Bush is always the right decision when creating! I wore my Mom's embroidered chambray button-up shirt from the 70s in high school. I loved it, little tiny mushrooms as I remember.

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