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kim in oregon

I think it is astonishingly beautiful. It puts my early projects to shame.


Great beginner project!!!


I also believe in such tender regard for early efforts! It seems to me that as this knitter grows, she will probably have a much more serene acceptance of her mistakes and will better enjoy fixing them because she didn't have the stress of perfection when she learned! Yay, you!


Cheers to your Sis! She's going to be a capital K Knitter if she's already working outside the pattern box!


That's absolutely beautiful, and it's going to look fabulous. I'm sure she's going to treasure it one day down the road, getting a glimpse of where she started.


So proud of my now two knitterley daughters.


Good job bringing a new knitter into the world. I love that colorway! Do you happen to remember the yarn/color?

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