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I love it!! Heheee... They definitely do have "torso spanx"! ; ) Darn those lumpy bits.


I don't see any lumpy bits. Wear it with pride. Greens are some of my fave colors and this looks so pretty.


Pretty and great backdrop for your photo shoot! Everyone has lumpy bits btw except for the dress form.


I love it, Julia!


You were right to wait for the sunflowers to be ready.

And of course they have torso spanx. Gawd. How do you think I look this fab? It hooks onto your bra to bar escape route for flab. I am not even kidding.


it looks fabulous on you!

Mary K. in Rockport

Oh, they do (have such a thing.) I wouldn't leave home without it. Very good for the back, too, as well as it's intended purpose. Feels very Victorian, minus only the strings to create a wasp waist.


I think you are being overly hard on yourself. What lumpy bits? The sweater is stylish and fits beautifully, wear it with pride.


Lumpy bits? Bah. You just needed a smoother at your FO photoshoot. Looks fab! And those sunflowers! Holy doodle.


LOVE! Beautiful color. I wish I lived near such beautiful sunflowers too!!

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