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AMEN on the needles. And I bet some of those sweaters are going to be super stunning!


i would tell you how far i am on my sweater to help you feel better, but i really don't think it would help. lol. keep on keeping on, you'll get there.


OMG! I hate the need for multiple needles because if this issue! Well, hope you get some of these sorted out soon.


I feel a little better after reading your blog. It seems that I have been reknitting things all year with not much to show for it other than a pile of UFO's and failures. Do I even know how to knit? I am finally wrapping up a top and your phrase, "...if only as an existential gesture of defiance" is just So Perfect!


If by more than one you mean 6 or 7, I'm right there.

Mary K. in Rockport

It is a decided "pleasure" to see someone worse off than me..... And, very lovely yearns.

Lynn in Tucson

Wow. You have been reading my mail.


I think you just gave me an excuse to go cast on my next sweater. No time like the present . . .


I thought I was suffering from a bad case of "startitis" that wouldn't let go, but I see it's one of those contagious problems. Now I feel a whole lot better after reading this post-so when we do get a severe case of 'finishitis', won't we have a lot of wonderful projects to show for it?!


that's a whole lot of started sweaters! I don't know what I'd do... having to rip and reknit so many times... it would take a lot of coffee. or at the very least - wine. a bottle maybe two.

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