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I've used GoogleDocs quite a bit but I like way this app handles charts and keeping your place. Thanks for the tips!


It's official. My husband is never getting his iPad back.

gale (she shoots sheep shots)

Awesome! I've been using Goodreader for a while but had NO idea it could keep track of charts. Thanks or posting this.


Wow, how cool is that?!


One more to add to the reasons I need to get an iPad for my birthday.

Annie Driscoll

I understand there's a way to do a mass download of all the PDF's in your Ravelry library to Goodreader. Check out the 'Favorite iPad apps' forum on Ravelry. It's fairly recent, and there are nice detailed instructions. It's on my to-do list.


The link to the fave ipad apps discussion is here: for anyone wondering :)


very cool!!


...and yet another reason to petition for an iPad


I've got a lot of my PDFs on my little ereader but of course not as spiffy as the ipad. My DD has the ipas2 so maybe I should put some of them on hers :)

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