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I do hope you are considering writing a book on this. I'd really love reading that.

kim in oregon

I can't wait either!


Agreed; a book would be most welcome on the topic! :)


This looks like a terrific issue! I'm anxiously waiting for my Marie by Andrew Watson to come up in the queue!


Articles are very nicely done. You did an excellent job of explaining how the Han wheel operates. The procedure was not readily apparent by looking at the pictures. Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Brittany Whittenberg

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Congrats on your 2 articles! Thanks for telling us the outcome of your investigations. For those wheelwrights with no familial heir to the wheelmaking legacy, I wonder if or wish they would consider an apprentice! Surely there are willing students out there? That's a skill I would love to learn!!!


Trivia for you: the Han Chinese invented (not the wheel) the bell.

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