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I love it! Now you have passed the knitter's curse, v. 2.0, on to me. I recently discovered that swingy tops like this one are a good choice for my body shape. How can I NOT knit this sweater...


I love it! I also suffer greatly from knitters curse and always see things I could make... banana republic is my biggest offender! beautiful color on you!


That is just 100% great! I love it!!! The color is perfect for you!!

I know what you mean with the sweater "curse" (not to be confused with the real sweater curse). I have that sensation all the time. I don't like to wear things that I don't make, but parts of me don't like to wear things that I make. I knit a lot of plain stuff as a result.


And my husband has the man version - "woodworkers curse" - we can't just buy a piece of furniture because he could always make it more exact/better/cheaper. But never faster :)


I love it!

Lynn in Tucson

Beautiful! That color is TO DIE FOR.


Julia, you and your sweater look wonderful! It looks like you did really well with Spark People. I tried to follow your blog on SP when you suggested it here some time back but I was unable to do so. My success story has been with the MyNetDiary app on my iPad, although I still need to lose more.


I saw a sign at a craft show once that said "Sure, you could probably make this yourself... But WOULD YOU?" I thought it was pretty clever.


What a great colour for you! And yes, I totally have the knitters curse. It's horrible!


I definitely do that. Helps me to avoid impulse purchases (because I never say to myself, "Self, that will take you three months and good yarn will cost twice as much. Just buy the d*** sweater"). Plus, there's the knitter's pride factor; once people know you knit, then anytime you wear something knitted they will ask, "Did you make that?" and I really hate answering No. Though it cracks me up when my students ask me if I knitted something like a super-fine-gauge sweater from Target because there is no possible way a human being could do that in less than five years, working every day. :-)

That said, one of my favorite purchases was last year I got a circle-y shaped sweater from Coldwater Creek on clearance and I felt totally justified because it was a great deal and also a complex pattern (both stitches and construction) that I knew I couldn't/wouldn't/didn't want to try to recreate.


Turned out great! Delicious colour too.

I once did that with an intarsia sweater from the Spiegel catalogue. I charted out an eighties-style oversized intarsia sweater at a gauge of about 24 sts, knitted the entire thing and then hated it on me when I'd finished. I'd also had to run around town to find yarns that would work together since no one brand came in enough colours. Twenty-some years later it's tied around the back-rest of my task chair where I bead, and the cat uses it to climb.

Good times.


It's perfect!!

kelli ann

What a flat-out beautiful sweater. It has such lovely drape-- I agree with so many of these commenters, it's a fab colour too.


I'm working on that sweater, too! I'm in a stage of a work project at which I am rereading very long documents for the nth time, looking for tiny errors, so... What to do with my hands? Stockinette sweaters to the rescue!!!

Did you lengthen the sweater at all? I see the various FOs of this sweater and wonder whether I should lengthen mine, and if so,where...? I still haven't divided for sleeves and body yet, so I've got a way to go.

julia fc

No June, I didn't lengthen it at all, but the blocking certainly changed it. People should face their blocking fears and just do it! It only adds a day to the wait to wear a new sweater and makes such a lovely difference in the finished quality of the fabric (but I don't need to tell you that, I'm just preaching a little for the blog). If you wanted more length, given all the short rows, I would wait until just before the last batch of yarn over increases across the hemline.

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