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Oh my gosh, that sweater is beautiful! I think it's moving to the top of my queue!


Looks like Great Bay Discovery center. Where was the picture taken?

julia fc

close: the great salt marsh is a beautiful and haunting place


Your sweater is my fave pattern in the new Knitty. Congrats on a gorgeous sweater, photoshoot & pattern!


Yay! Well done, cover girl! xo


Congrats on making the cover, you legend!


I absolutely ADORE this! And can't wait to knit one for myself. Fantastic pictures too!


I queued it on Ravelry first thing this morning! My Papa had one just like it. Thanks so much!!


Love the sweater AND the picture. I'd have that one hanging somewhere. Very you.


Hi there!
I used to follow your blog years ago, but I think I lost track somehow when I transferred my service over to blogger. Anyway, I'm glad I found it again. I just love your Takoma sweater (I might have blogged about my obsession, lol), and I'm excited to knit one for myself. Congratulations!


Go, you! It all looks incredibly gorgeous. :)


This sweater is gorgeous. I was shocked (in a good way) when I opened Knitty yesterday. Very well done.



Beautiful, Julia. I absolutely love this. What wonderful details, too!


Proud Mom here. Am so psyched to knit this, after Mork of course. Colors ordered are burgundy, coffee and natural. All in Eco and eco+. Dad will be so blown away by this, of that I am sure. His original was all browns so this will be a bit brighter but still reminiscent of the one we buried a couple of years ago. Julia, you are a treasure. Add me to your growing list of fans.


i love this design!! Beautiful, beautiful! congrats!!!


Gorgeous. What a great cover photo and the boots are the best. Congratulations.


What a lovely sweater! I love it! Will be on my needels soon...


Greetings from Takoma Park, MD. I grew up in the SF Bay Area in the 70s when this style sweater was very popular (ditto Frye boots). Think I'll have to queue this.

Another Joan

May I add congratulations? The colours are lovely and so is your design. I hope the Cowichan knitters are honoured.

Tyna Meers

my word but that is BEAUTIFUL! I'm thinking of making it a pullover that I can grab every weekend! Thank you for a fabulous design

Karin (Cloudsofdust)

I really love this one and I'm sure I have to knit one (or more) for my children and their loved ones..

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