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I am obsessed with this knit! I've worked my way through to the section where I divide for the arms, and having a blast! I can't wait to wear it out!


I pretty much stayed with your colors as Dad loves red but now I'm sorta sorry I rushed into this. I Love your Debbie Bliss trio!!! I'm knitting this right under his nose for Christmas and so far he hasn't asked me what I'm knitting. Is there an elephant in the room? LOL.


Funny, I am planning on using the same colors as Cambria, but switching the turquoise and brown colors. I am planning on casting mine on in December or January, after my Christmas knitting is complete.

Shelagh in Vermont

Bring your mom to SPA, she is one of us! LOL.


This article immediately made me think of your sweater -

You're spot on for trendy! :D

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