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Yes, yes they do. I'd like to crawl right into that picture and take a little nap...

Amy Norris this for the potential pattern we chatted about at SOAR? Yum! I'm addictively knitting a Vodka Gimlet in a batch of Kim's Frolic. The yarn is beyond delicious. Looking forward to seeing what Butterscotch and Moroccan Spice become.


I love that you'll *probably* let people spin on them! Ha ha ha... Are you going to inspect everyone's hands first to make sure they are clean? LOL.

Kim does excellent, magical work in the dyepot. I have treated myself several times to her fiber (back when she was doing bunny blends), and she has also custom-dyed some of my handspun. She is also a lovely, lovely person - and fellow wheel hoarder! :)


That sounds very cool! Good luck with your talk :)


It's Friday evening and Saturday. The 18th and 19th:-)

(thanks, Beth, fixed that)


Have fun!! I think I would enjoy your program very much. :-)

Mary K. in Rockport

Yes, they do!

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