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I love when hand knits are well received. My little guy wasn't too stoked at first about his socks, but he showed them to every single person we talked to yesterday, and hasn't taken them off yet ;) That's good enough for me.

p.s. I'm typing this in my Takoma sweater, which I've hardly taken off since I finished knitting it :)

Mary K. in Rockport

Congratulations on pleasing your twenty-something. That is not easy to pull off.

Caroline M

The good thing his he's old enough to understand the limitations of gauge, I had to explain to a much smaller son why I couldn't copy his drawing of a jet onto the back of his mitten even at 9 spi.

My wheel went down when the tree went up and I'm pining badly.


Ah, somebody finally else is knitting an EZ pattern. It's about time! I was begining to think that I was only one who spread her books around the house, just in case I'm doing laundry and I need a "fix".

You must have the older printing of Knitting Without Tears. I have the new one, and the only you can get from the cover is a freaky looking hat and a very short scarf.


I think that boy earned his sweater ;-)


Ooo, a handspun Kirigami sounds wonderful. Can't wait to watch your progress.

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