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Oh THANK YOU for your generous gift! I hope I have a grandchild someday for whom I can knit this. My eldest son was a dionsaur fan, knew the names and eating habits of them all. As a child he would have adored this. When he was in first grade, I made him a dinosaur suit for Halloween, it turned out pretty ok and he even slept in it. So thank you again.

Katie K

That's adorable! I bet it would be wonderful in an adult size, too. Thanks!


Oh, this is so adorable and your timing is wonderful! There's a little man whose birthday is coming up shortly who would LOVE this. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the perfect "fun auntie" gift for this year. (And since this world is full of nudges who don't seem to think that manners matter any more, I'll say their thank yous for them - though I'm not sure they even deserve it.) Keep up the great work!


Thank you for offering your pattern for free! How sad that manners are often forgotten, and that talents and time are taken for granted.

Susan Williams

Madam, thank you. You are kind, and gentle, and thoroughly wonderful. And generous. And talented.

Thank you!

Susan in Las Vegas


Thankyou for this, I have a little grandson who might like this in about six months time. It's the middle of summer in Aust at the moment, so there won't be any knitting for quite a while. You seem very philosophical about that sort of 'gimmee gimmee, I want it Now!' attitude; I might not be as kind.

Joanne cross

I know several large children who would love this, I reckon I can scale it for a 35 year old 5 year old


Many thanks! This is one hat that any child will keep on his /her head ... and that I will be proud to knit. I do appreciate you taking time to update your wonderful pattern for us. - Lynn in Pittsburgh


When my oldest (now 21) was about 5, I made him a fleece dinosaur costume for Halloween. It had a full body with a stuffed tail, and a separate hood that looked about like your knitted dinosaur hood. My son loved that dinosaur costume so much that he wore it to bed for the longest time!

I have to download the pattern! Even if I don't make it now for him, I can definitely file it away for future use when grandchildren come along. (For the record, I hope that will be SEVERAL years!) Thank you for a great pattern!


I made several of the original pattern. Those children loved it! I'm happy more children will have the opportunity.


I think this is just delightful! Thank you so much for a such a fun pattern!


Thank you - my grandson is a year and a half so this is just in time!

Mary K. in Rockport

Here am I, saying thank you!


I know a little boy hurting loss of a greatgrandmother; this won't replace her, but it will delight him. Thank you for a generous gift.


Oh Yippppieeeee! Thank you so much! I have been wanting to do this project for ages. And how very generous of you to do it for free! Bless you. Now off to the stash....


I have to laugh a little, too, but still so often end up scratching my head and, just, "WOW!"
Thank you. ; )


Thank you


Thank you for your generosity in the face of, well, rottenness! I'm wondering if my little boys will want this....although they aren't little anymore! I'll ask them when they come in from snow blowing (the 13 yr old...gotta love a boy wo begs to snowplow before the snow is done!) and fencing (not til late, he is squad leader and traveling with his HS fencing team)

Lynn in Tucson

So gracious. I don't even have plans to knit it, but thanks!



Thank you for sharing this with us. I hope one day to make this for my nephew, assuming he isn't done to death by all the cute hats I am making for him as an infant!


oooo I love it! :)


Its a cutie, for sure. I think its very good of you to move past others rudeness and just be yourself....which is a very generous person. I noticed that you received many kind comments on this post and maybe that will cancel out all the bad. Have a great weekend!


Thanks for the hat pattern. And thanks for offering other free patterns. I can tweat patterns but have difficulty creating them. For the dinosaur hat, i envision a matching grey set minus the red crest with a tabard (rectangle with a cast on, cast off boat neck). Now we have a dinosaur/dragon/ knight set in "chain maille". Perhaps a stuffed i-cord sword. Hopefully the 3 1/2 yr old nephew will see it as "way cool". If I make the dinosaur hat adult size, I could enable his dad to be the "yet to be slain dragon", or perhaps a pal to help the young knight on his quest. Thanks again from Auntie M and Ben


Thank you very much for the pattern! I have two grandsons that will appreciate this hat!


Thank you!

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