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Absolute cuteness.


I have an older version of something like that, but not as nice! It's adorable! And, yeah, it's no fun if there isn't something for *everyone*. Otherwise the presentless one feels like a martyr. This is also true of birthdays, even if the birthday falls in the holiday season. Yes, my husband found this out the hard way, too....I kind of think many do ;-)


super cute! We retail the Ashford Regid Heddles at the shop where I work, and they aren't much larger. they're very popular, and I hear that they're really versatile I imagine you at home warping and wefting you life away, playing with all the random balls of yarn that we knitters accumulate ;) Have fun!


I am not alone!


Your Mister did good! I learned a valuable lesson the year I told my husband when he asked what I wanted for Christmas with a nonchalant "nothing." Never again, now I give him a very specific list, because I really do love gifts too. ;-)


So adorable! Your hubby certainly has learned well.


It looks like it goes in a dollhouse! In a good way! I hope the New Year brings you plenty of time to bond.


I bought one of those for a daughter several Christmases ago. It never did really grab her as I thought it might, so she ended up trying to sell it at a rummage sale. Thank goodness I was there to rescue it!!


That is one seriously cute and appropriate gift!



Just FYI, if you know Swedish, those IKEA words really do mean something. All of them. :-)

Mary K. in Rockport

Guys. They "have to be carefully taught" about gift giving. Mine complains that I'm not specific enough about my wishes, so this year I provided a numbered list of things from Knitpicks. There was a huge box for me under the tree, containing one swift, two yarn scales and three ball winders......


I've been know to stuff my stocking to the hilt, cuz I suffered the year of a flat and very empty stocking once and it felt awful. Your present is adorable.


Absolutely adorable. I couldn't take my eyes of the pictures, they are so cute that i'd like one for me too. Keep up with what your are doing.


You amaze me!!!


That is awesomely cool and adorable. I've never seen one of those before but now I want one more than anything! Have fun with it. :)

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