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Paulette Bobroff

I love it. I would never get a tattoo but would love to embarrass my children and graandchildren with this.

amy boogie

I love this. L-o-v-e love.

Jeanne B

I love it. Fantastic idea for the tribal tattoo motif.


I love it. I'd probably want to substitute my own fantasy tattoo though...

Katie K



it's gorgeous! I also love it!


What a fabulous idea for a sweater! The yarn colors are lovely.


I would love a note if you ever make it available.

Kim's lovely!!! You certainly did Frolic justice. :-)
..sshhhh.....I think I may get a little bee tattoo ;-)


I think the sweater is beautiful and so unique. I would love to make it. However, I would like to make it with the "full-sleeve" tattoo for both sleeves. I love how you have different patterns on the sleeves, but I know I would want symmetry. Just like I would never make a crazy quilt. Would I be able to scan the graph and reverse it?

I really admire anyone who is so creative and brave enough to present it to the world. My hat's off to you!

julia fc

Absolutely! And thank so much for such a compliment.
I am sure there would be people who would want only arm bands instead. That's the cool thing about handknitting: it's custom made.


Damn. Want. Why can't I knit FASTER?


Beautiful! And I love the curlicue too.

Mary K. in Rockport

What a beautiful, beautiful piece of work. I've never seen anything like it. And ummmm - Woolen Rabbit yarn!


I love it!


This is the first thing I've seen that makes me want to learn intarsia. Lovely sweater!


As a fellow Lit major, it never occurred to me that someone might NOT know the reference. I do adore this sweater - a true original idea, executed in a beautiful way.


COOL! I love the sleeve and the arm band especially. I actually have a tattoo where the curlicue is! =)

Linda M

I am definitely in for the Queequeg pattern if you decide to write it up. The sweater is gorgeous and I can see it in an oatmeal or light taupe with ink colored designs. Agree about the reference to being shocked not to know who Queequeg is? Congratulations on a great realization of your vision.

Linda M

Your sweater has taken hold of my brain - here's a sacrilegious thought I just had - I might even do it in a cotton/acrylic blend so that I could get more wear out of it here in the deep south. I love wool but if I actually were to make this sweater I would want to wear it a lot!


It's fantastic, Julia!


This is beautiful, dude. I love it and would absolutely make one of my own.


Another beauty, Julia! great idea and execution


I'd make one. Sell the pattern, please?


Love it! Love the colors!
I would make one................!
Send me a note when you do.

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