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I have got to make your jacket. But I will not be using traditional colors. My jacket will use some of my favoite colors ;-) I go over the top, for historical accuracy for my 18th C reenacting. (You should see my son's breaching suit...well, you can, if you want, it's on Flickr...). But for modern sweaters, I must do what strikes my fancy! Pink and grey will do it nicely, for me! And that is a compromise (the, use grey????)...because the rugged tradition demands it from me!

I love this sweater!

Sharon in Surrey

You are so RIGHT! That IS your Takoma!


When I zoom in on that coat, it almost looks like the reverse side of fair isle - could it be? Takoma would look great in that color palette. And I always think about knitting when I look at real pendleton blankets -- you should tour the mill some day -- you'd love it1

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