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You are not wrong, IMO! When I knit a sleeve, I have usually just knit a BIG piece of sweater, either from the waist up in the round or an entire back if knitting in pieces. After all that, sleeves always seem like they're going really fast. =)


I completely agree! I like to knit sleeves first (if I can) because then they're fun and exciting and get done quickly. Also, I swear it makes knitting the body go faster...


Sleeves are deception incarnate (inyarnate??)! I always think, "oh yay, I just have the sleeves to go; I'm nearly done!" And then I quickly realize I have to knit an unending and ever-widening sea of sleeves... I really ought to learn to like to wear vests!

Cambria Washington

I love when I get to the sleeves. It's like I'm in a sprint to the finish.


I hate sleeves. They're boring. Nothing but a little shaping to keep you going. It's not too bad if they're for children & knit flat - I'll do two at a time and get it over with. But knit in the round, for an adult, when the rest of the sweater is already done, with all its lovely cables and whatnot... I'm 3" from finishing the first, with the full knowledge that another 17" slog awaits me.

Rachel Erin

The last two sets of sleeves I knit were for sweaters I'd designed myself - and as they were the first two set in sleeves I'd ever designed they were full of expectation. Will they fit? Will this garment fit a human or look like it belongs to an imaginary humanoid?

They both fit fine. But it was still exciting.


I have learned that knitting a sleeve as a swatch may seem like it takes a lot of time but I usually end up with a sweater I love and wear instead of something that sits in my closet. A 4" swatch tells you little and tends to lie. A sleeve tells you the truth about your gauge, what the yarn does, how it drapes, do you really like the color for this project? Well worth the effort.

As always, very insightful blog!


I love collective nouns, and I am absolutely enamored of this one!

Jen Anderson

I'm with you. Sleeves are a second swatch for me. Or in the case of my latest sweater, the fifth swatch.


And I think of Sleeve Island as a place with sunshine and rum drinks. Not a bad place to knit...

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