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LOL...too cool.


Hi there! Thank you so much for the mention, what a great post, and how fantastic to have found your blog too, I can see that I'll happily lose an afternoon or more reading back through your posts. Moths are hell aren't they? I recently dug out the first scarf I knitted, only to find that the middle had been eaten away. I think it was the mother nest. We've had the house fumigated and at the moment the house is a moth funeral home. Ha! But I know they'll be back - all our neighbours have them. Just one more thing, and you may already know this, but I remember reading an article about moths in British Vogue some years ago, in which Alexander McQueen was quoted as having said that the two most feared words in fashion were 'fat' and 'moths'.

Charlotte X


Moth story is funny, and totally believable, like the time I was in a very well appointed yarn department in the UK and a moth flew out of the ball of Rowan yarn I had in my hand. I never left a yarn shop so fast! To her credit, the shop clerk practically ran to the rear of the store as I left. I assume she was going for mothballs.


I can see the pattern jog, so even if you hadn't provided the pattern info etc, I would still know it was real knitting!

I am currently living with a prolonged outbreak of "glitter herpes" (ah, preschoolers and their crafts) but am currently in moth remission. That said, I apparently am inheriting my grandmother-in-law's mink at some point in the near future and also hope to move this year - I am certain this combination will somehow whomp me with a full-force vermin outbreak. I bought traps but haven't set them up yet.

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