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Cambria Washington

I just love those colors! You definitely have a great eye for color :)

Katie K

Those are amazing colors, well photographed.


Great yarns and colors! So what color order (MC, C1 and C2) did you decide on for your CA? :-) It'll be stunning in Kim's yarn.

Linda M

I too love your colors, and I'm really glad you are going ahead with making Queequeg available to others. Thanks!

Mary K. in Rockport

OK, I will (go knit.) Lovely, lovely colors. I don't knit shawls, but that designer sure has intriguing patterns.


That chipotle is the most glorious color. What can I make outta that? Hmmmmmm.


Ooh Happydancehappydancehappydance!!! Can't wait to see the sweater!! Yay!

I'm *almost* finished with a Color Affection shawl myself. Really, more fun than I anticipated being all garter stitch. I'm knitting it in Sunna (for another booth sample, if I can prevent myself from wearing it :-D ).

So, will I be seeing you at MD??? Hope so!


Jen's Chipotle is amazing!! Yum!


From some reason I knew these lovely colors are going to be Color Affection before I read the post. They will make a beautiful CO indeed.

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