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Yes! Time off school for parents of school-age children is a double-edged sword. No packing lunches, but on the other hand, a messy kitchen all day from the snacking. No rushing off to school in the morning, but also no possibility of doing multiple errands. Etcetera.


Thanks again, Julia!
And just so it's out in the open, I once forgot to collect my son from school because of a ridiculous (and super secret) half-day-on-the-day-before-a-vacation-day rule. Seriously? I missed that memo. Luckily, he survived and is about to graduate from college with no visible scars.


I had all sorts of plans for vacation week -- well, ONE plan, to see ONE museum with the kids -- and had to abandom them when life intervened.

Ah, well. Summer looms ahead.

Maria Neill said it so well!! My youth summers and small vacations were predictable, expected and we always planned something ahead of time...yes... it is different now...and here, school is only 4 days a week, PLUS in-service days, PLUS 3 days weekends, PLUS MLK, and the list goes on and on..what doesn't change, regardless, football and baseball.... go figure....

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