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Jen Anderson


Mary K. in Rockport

Exceptionally beautiful cable. Cute name, too.


*love* immediately went to the top of my must-knit list. ahem...right after the awesome sweater from SPA? *hint, hint*

kim in oregon

Kaching! Just bought it.

Lynn in Tucson

...And will we get to see pics of the handspun version?


"Weenie 'n' Skipperdee 'n' me..." Eloise has been a favorite since my aunt gave me a copy when I was six. And I love having a mail chute in my building - I often think of pouring a pitcher of ice water down it. When are we going to see the handspun version of the sweater? The red one is delicious, but I usually go crazy for your handspun sweaters and, again, start considering learning to spin.

Karen W

I saw it, and it is beautiful!


It's beautiful and named after Eloise! How could I not love it?


Lovely, Julia! And I really like that you styled your hair in a braid to complement the sweater. Nice touch. :)

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