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It's super cute, Julia. Love it!


Just saw all the tweets and had to look... This is so sweet!! Love these colors together - can't wait to read your post on all the combinations. Congrats on a great design - so versatile.


Oh I can't wait to see your post on colour! I'm not colour blind, but I might as well be...

Mary K. in Rockport

I'm interested. Also, I see the kids' version has different button bands.

Linda D

Yay for color! Child-bright colors for childlike adults!

Mary K. in Rockport

Hello again, just back from Ravelry. You knit Hiro Petite in FIVE DAYS!?


Mary: Good eye! Yes, I kept it super simple for the kid's version. I think a grown up sweater needs more structure around the button bands than a kid's, plus knitters for kids always like simplicity. There's no reason one couldn't knit a plain pick up and knit button band for the adult sweater, but I think the twisted rib and sewn on band pays off for the effort. And to your other question:
I am capable of breaking the sound barrier with my knitting, thanks to the Danish teenager who taught me how.

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