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I love the shaping and the neckline! I'm not a spinner, but I'm very curious to see how it looks in solid yarn.

Cambria Washington

I was so excited to see this sweater. I got into spinning with a drop spindle, which means that I've amassed a sizable fiber stash in 4-8 oz quantities, lol. I don't think I'll ever be able to get through them but if I ever do, I now know what to do with the finished yarn :)

kim in oregon

Very cute. It might even motivate me to get spinning again! That is, after I finish my Hiro!


OMG... I have enough 4 and 8 oz spun and unspun fiber (way back to Indigo Moon!) to knit at least 10 of these sweaters! Brilliant!

Mary K. in Rockport

I said this already, but I really like this sweater, especially the flared bottom and open neckline. I have resisted the pull of spinning, but I DO have some unspoke and various skeins of Noro Silk Garden

Mary K. in Rockport

It also just occurred to me that if the side panels were done in a darker shade of a color family, and the front and back in a lighter shade, I would look slimmer in a faux sort of way!

Sasha Torres

Julia, this is *gorgeous*. I'm heading into my fiber stash right now to start spinning for one!


Oh, god... You keep designing sweaters I NEED to have! Darn it, don't you know I'm supposed to be job searching? Lol....great design. I don't spin, not for lack of trying, and would love to try this as an experiment in tones of a color. Off to search the stash.

Barbara Brewer

Oh, my my my! This is SO lovely, Julia. Great design, yet again! I think I may have to try this one.


I'm a spinner. I love your pattern. Great.

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