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Love all the photos of your grandmother. This was my mother's era and I have photos of her and her siblings. They loved punting on the Thames, and we often spent happy days at the river. I don't think handwork was part of their life tho.


Oh, how wonderful! These must all be so familiar to you -- to me they really do look like something out of a Merchant-Ivory film. Thanks so much for sharing -- I pored over them to enjoy every detail.


Oh Julia, this is all so wonderful! My yarn club this year has a 20's it makes it even more special for me to see these lovely pictures of your grandmother and her friends. Just lovely!

Cambria Washington

What an amazing post! I really enjoyed looking at all the photos. Your grandmother seemed like she must have been a lot of fun to spend time with :)


What wonderful photos of an era gone. My mother was part Romanian and I have a few of those embroidered shirts that I wore as a youngster. My mom had one too. They were bought during our summer camping through Romania and Bulgaria when I was 9 or 10. The trip where I thought razors only worked with soap and water and managed to cleanly remove half of an eyebrow disproving this theory of mine 20 minutes before dinner at the pension were were staying at wearing said blouse with my hand firmly clamped over the offending spot. My poor mother.


What a beautiful family treasure you have in those photos. Thank you for sharing this peek into your history. I have a single photo of my paternal grandmother and a journal she started on her voyage coming into this country from England. From what little family info I have, I'm told that among other things, she taught weaving to the blind. My father gave me a small tabletop loom as a 17th birthday present, which I still have, unused in its box. Your post has inspired me to find and open that box with a desire to connect with a fiber past.


Loved this post! What great photos, and what a cool lady.


I enjoyed every word and detail of this wonderful post. Thanks so much for sharing your images of Portia. I am blown away by all her garb, but that fine fairisle sweater is particularly intriguing...

Lynn in Tucson

Wonderful! I have a photo album from a decade or two before of my great-grands hiking in Yosemite, the women in long skirts and the men in vests, ties and hats. It's priceless. (And one of my grandmother's needlepoints, a Chagall window, now hangs on my office wal.)


thank you for sharing these photographs. she was beautiful. they're so special. i love the way they dressed, too.


I once cut out a black and white picture from a newspaper book review as knitting inspiration. The woman on the cover was wearing a striped top which I imagined as a beautiful deep red with contrasting but harmonious colors. Eventually I saw the actual book cover, and the actual colors of her top were jarring chrome yellow with grey and a violent blue. My imagined version was much prettier.

I agree that it would be lovely to see the colors, but who knows if they are better in our imagination?


You're fortunate to have all these photos. Thanks for sharing them with us. Can we see the cocktail napkins sometime?


Love your wonderful photos - thanks for sharing them. I feel like I know your grandma a little now too! She sounded like an amazing woman.


I love that that you have these pictures of your grandmother - it looks like she had a very fun time as a young woman - and was very well-traveled.

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