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Cambria Washington

Thanks for this! The special offer on both sizes was just the push I needed to finally buy my copies, lol. After all, I have a sweater-obsessed 6-year old who'd love to match sweaters with his mom :)

kim in oregon

If you're undecided whether to knit this or not, let me encourage you to give Hiro a try! I've only knit a few fair isle projects, so I'm sort of skeered of it, but this pattern is beautiful, well written, and just so much darn fun. It also knits up fairly quickly--I started mine September 1 and am now finishing the button bands. Anyway--thanks Julia for a wonderful pattern and I can't wait to wear mine!


I'm about half way through Mork and am coming to realize Julie that your patterns work very well for me. I Heart Mork!

Must go buy Hiro. Now if only that stepson of mine would produce a small person I'd have a reason to knit the child version. (Okay, I admit it, I already have a secret pile of knits completed for a possible future grandchild.)


Now me and the goddaughter can match! Hooray!

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