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Cambria Washington

The one and only time I went to Rhinebeck, I met Gretchen in a drop spindle class, lol. She was a lot of fun and we've been stalking each other on Ravelry ever since. I saw her project page for her Party Mix, and it's cool to see the final result on your blog :)

kim in oregon

Must. Have. Button.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Sincere Sheep at a little yarn store in Whitefish Montana this summer. It is indeed special!

Mary K. in Rockport

Lovely blog today. How wonderful to see your very own designs out and about and in such an illustrious setting!
Every time I see Party Mix, I think "I want one of those," although it won't be made of hand spun because I don't spin. And my queue is soooooo long!


I haven't been in a couple years either now and I miss it. Would've loved to be there and run into you. :)


I love your Afghani hat and would like to have a go at making it too, but cant get the pattern locally. Wonder if you have a copy you could email.

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