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Oh, Julia. I love it!


I love it -- so pretty, so flattering.


Thank you, Kath!


Love, love it! I agree with the flattering comment and now this will jump ahead in the queue.


It's perfect for my handspun grey CVM/Romney cross yarn! As soon as I finish the yarn, I'm casting on! Thank you so much for a beautiful sweater.

Mary K. in Rockport

Let me at it! This is my favorite of all the sweaters you've designed lately (although for me, I might go with long sleeves.) And, of course, we're huge Folly Cove fans - the place, the Lobster Pool, the designs going way back, and Virginia Lee Burton's books. Wouldn't it have been fun to be part of that group? Actually, I think you ARE part of a crafts group now, so I guess that kind of movement persists.


Lovely, as always, Julia. And the title is perfect/makes me "home" sick, even though New York is my home now. I love Folly Cove because it's like a little Cape Ann secret. Burton's The Little House is one of my all-time favorite books :)


Would you phuLEEze stop designing such gorgeous sweaters. I am going broke over here in California. : - )

Linda D

sigh. There goes the yarn budget. Between this and Hiro, I'm in trouble. ;-)

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