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I love his trucks! And of course I want to know who knit the sweater, his mom?


I like the sweater but I love the paintings. This guy is one amazing, talented artist, so varied in subject matter. Wow!


Oh my, I love this sweater! I may have to make one for my husband so he can wear it during the next winter olympics. The curling is his very favorite thing!


I love everything about this sweater!


What a great sweater!


Gah! You're so right, he needs to wear this sweater (whenever he's not near the paint) its stunning. Showed Mr and he concurs...


(raising broom high in the air...) As a Canadian, and a curler, and a former curling instructor, I find it perfectly fitting that I am reading this post while watching the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, the Canadian Women's Curling Championship! The sweater reminds me of my Dad's - his was white and red, and had the patch from the Glenmore Curling Club in Montreal. I wish I could lay my hands on it again...


Huh. I neeeed a pattern for that sweater, and I'm not even Canadian. Also, thank you for the link to Ala's site; his paintings are killer. I love "July," the construction equip in the high grass

You'll make us a pattern, yes?


The sweater and paintings are magnificent!! I would do some judicious, careful stitch repair and that sweater will go on to another generation or more. Lovely work.


The sweater is a Mary Maxim pattern from 1955, so the pattern is out there! Try google, which will certainly lead you at some point to this article:


Love this sweater! We drive past the Belfast curling club on our way to our house in Maine!


I took your advice and browsed Ravelry and eBay, and am now awaiting some c1956 Mary Maxim patterns to arrive from Canada. . Alas, not #427, but close enough to plan my yarn and sizing. I can approximate the stones, or maybe create a "Knitter's Bonspiel" motif. What fun!

Kathode Ray Tube

Hey, I think I've seen the Belfast Curling Club! What a great sweater! A classic.

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