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I actually took the dog for a walk today, which is progress for me. I'm not sure we hit 40 degrees here in my part of Minnesota, but the sun was out and we're finally starting to see more sidewalks and street than snow.


I just bought a bike so I could start exercising. It's at the bike shop being assembled and I pick it up tomorrow! I can't wait for my first ride along this journey to be healthier. So...I'm with you!


Me! I'm in! I just got a TerraTrike Rambler (recumbent trike...wheels up front, way cool looking!) and it is letting me go up hills I couldn't dream of on my cruiser. (ok....for me a 3% hill is a challenge...)

Thinking about some bike stuff from Terry, but I don't need the padding, on a 'bent!


I did 11 miles on the rail trail in Bedford this weekend. Lovely ride, and great for me as I get my mobility back.


Except for the sweat pants, you just described my life. Yes, I'll join you!!! On the bike and hitting the pavement with running shoes.


The one thing that has lessened since I started exercising is knitting. I miss the production of lots of hand knits but I feel so good that I (almost) don't mind. I haven't been to the gym since we got back from Mexico but today is the day!


I'm in the opposite rut -- lots of running, but not (enough) knitting. Time to get my needles going!!!


ha! this actually is occurring to me, as well. i started working from home in December and my first realization was that wearing sweat pants all week is great, except when you try to wear regular pants again. i guess metabolism does slow down eventually (and i thought i'd be the exception!). :) ah well. yoga and some squats and stuff for me until it warms up for walking. we are almost there...
keep up the good work!

Lynn in Tucson

I WILL join you! The child (age ten) has finally learned how to ride a bike and so we've all dusted ours off. It feels good.

As for knitting ruts, I don't remember the last time I picked up needles. I need to change that as well.


My darling daughter, you couldn't possible be 50!!! I'm not that old.




Sometimes I stand while I'm knitting and watching or listening to something, it definitely helps. I'd love to get an exercise bike so I could do that while knitting! It's tough to stay active in this field.

Mary K. in Rockport

Hey, good for you! I'm wondering if one can use a stationery bike while knitting? And if I open all the windows, it could ALMOST be like being outdoors.


OMG, I thought I was the only one who lives like that. Especially since retiring from a career spent in cubicles (and celebrating my 59th birthday)!

Yes, guess I'd better dust off the "good" clothes and at least walk the dogs more now that it's raining less here in the Pacific Northwest.

Good on you!


Count me in. I got bike shoes for my birthday, and bought the pedals last weekend, but realized I'm in no shape to go in the woods, even if I can wrangle the pedals. So, I've been walking. I've now walked 6 out of 7 days so far. Let's do this!


Might not be biking but HE## YES! I turn 55 in a bit less than 2 mons and I've got to start taking care of myself. We are going on a walking tour in Ireland in August. Must be in better shape for that.


Yep, I just turned 50, and the day after my first spring "hike" was a shocker. I didn't know so many things could ache from disuse! And what with my hands aching from that slog of pullover....fingering yarn on 3s. A lot of me needs to get in shape, so I'm with you. Two daily one-mile strolls later, I am wishing for results.


You're a rock star! A few more sunny day rides and you'll be showing the road whos boss again (before your birthday even).


Man oh man I hear you. Nip that old-lady butt in the bud - I have a couple of years on you, and I have to say that ageing is not for sissies! It requires work, strength, and the ability to be blind when looking in the mirror and sharp-eyed everywhere else.

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