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Katie K

The purple sweater on the model looks fine, but the skirt and the shoes really don't work. Everyone ultimately needs to use their best judgment.


One of my knitting crew got this from the library and brought it to knit night last night. It really is as great a book as all the bloggers are saying. It's motivating me to really get my act together and not only make myself a sweater I will love and feel good about but also to frog all my WIPS that are stalled at nearly done and sitting because I'm not thrilled with them.


What a great book!

k a t

I have a library copy and it is definitely convincing me this is a book worth owning! Lots of good information presented in a readable format.

Chris C.

I'm dying to get my hands on this book! I just had my first sweater disaster -- a sweater I would absolutely LOVE if only I could get it to stop falling right off my shoulders! Maybe Amy can help me rescue it :-)


I need lots of help making flattering sweaters... This book looks like it may be exactly what I need.


I have no idea how to make a flattering sweater. It looks to me as though this book is just what the doctor ordered!


I would love to knit a sweater that flatters my unshaped shape. Hopefully this book would help

mary jo

I have a feeling that this book is a must have and I need a copy for my knitting book shelf. I might have to go out and look this weekend.


that wrap sweater (just for starters) looks amazing! i loved Amy's FtoF series on her blog. i'm sure the book is even better and i can't wait to check it out.


Have it! Love it!


I need all the help I can get with knitting to fit!

Eileen D

I think this book will be my BD present to myself :)


I definitely think I need a copy of this book, and I'm not even a sweater knitter (yet!).


A must add to my reference library!


What a nice book with great information and patterns.

Aparna Mulgund

This is a great giveaway. This seems like a must have book for any knitter.


I have enough yarn in my stash for two sweaters, but I'm scared to start them. I'm just SO afraid of putting in all that time and then not being able to wear the product. I have been following Amy's blog for a while now, and I'm very impressed with her work. If I don't win this book, I think it will be my birthday present to myself!


I think it is a great book! I will always have room on my bookshelf for this one :)

Jen Anderson

Love Amy! This book went right on my Wish List.


Looks like a good book.

k a t

Just fyi, the links aren't working correctly for me, thought I'd let you know.

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