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Mary K. in Rockport

If recent history suggests anything, it's that these designs will soon turn up in something knitted.


I'm going to have to drag my kids to 181 Madison now. Hopefully there is a park of some kind nearby to bribe them.

Teresa C

Did you mean to close comments on your previous post? If not, you did. If you did, well, I apologize for just being stubborn and finding a way to comment anyway: You know that theory that ideas and discoveries are sort of out there in the universe and people around the world find them at about the same time? I know there is a word for it that I am just not coming up with, but looks like you were on that wavelength with Norah. I'll bet a couple more designers were thinking it through as well, because the knitted/gored/cabled skirt...... its time had come. ;)

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