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Mary K. in Rockport

Much the same - my grandmother did tatting, but I never cottoned to that. Our town sponsored summer playgrounds promoting all kinds of crafts, mostly of the gimp and potholder loop variety. (Actually, I bought some bags of beautifully colored portholder loops at the last Fiber Revival and made myself some new potholders - that I won't let anybody use.) Sleep-away camp had an expanded crafts program, and I also had a mother and cousins who tolerated all sorts of artsy-craftsy endeavors. I was the same sort of mother - and last weekend, my visiting grown-up kids said, "Mom, why are you keeping all this stuff!?" meaning all the cute little things they made that are in a special cupboard and which I enjoy looking at.

Dean Bandes

1. When I was a kid, Wheaties boxes had a series of vehicles to cut out, fold up, and put together (you had to add spaghetti axles for the wheels). I remember the Gypsy wagon and harness-racing sulky. I learned a lot from building them! That must have been in the early '50s. I would never let my mother throw out a cereal box. And I remember very fondly a punch-out book that made a whole freight train.

2. potholders from looper looms, and little woolen squares with a weave-it loom

3. model airplanes, wooden ones just for models, before there were plastic ones, and balsa wood & tissue paper ones that might have flown but were too good to try to fly. In the days when candy bars were a nickel, you could get wonderful model airplane kits for 29 cents, but you had to cut the parts out with a single-edge razor blade. I must have been doing that by the time I was in 5th or 6th grade. The balsa wood gliders were good, too, Those I would fly, until they got stuck in a tree or on a roof.

4. Lots of construction paper things

5. I was into fly-tying (fishing flies) when I was a kid --maybe around 5th to 7th grade.

My parents used to stock a ream of manila paper in a drawer in the dining room. We would take out a stack 1/4 inch thick and scribble endlessly,

Still waving to you from exit 57 when I go past-- Dean


I was playing with yarn and fabric since I was old enough to hold scissors. I made dresses with fringe with my mother's scraps and crocheted blankets for my barbies. I built furniture with Legos for cardboard houses (like you). We had high school aged kids across the street, one a talented artist, who used to let me color with her markers and paints. I remember the day I got my first giant pack of crayons. I was obsessed with color even then.


One of my fondest memories is the Winnie the Pooh paper doll set that I made when I was about 6. I was obsessed with the books (the originals - this was before Disney took over).and loved paper dolls so I made my own. It was Winnie and Christopher Robin. Each had at least a dozen outfits. I still wonder where the box disappeared to.

A couple years later, my grandmother taught me how to sew. I made oodles of Barbie dresses for my sister's dolls. Eventually I started on clothes for me when I got good enough that my mom would let me purchase fabric.

I tried tatting and crochet but didn't enjoy either at that time. In jr. high, I discovered photography and darkroom printing. That's been a part of my life ever since.

Knitting is a new addition and has become an obsession.

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